The CSS Experts

Don't worry. We can fix it.

Struggling with a touchy CSS layout?
Quit sweating it and turn the problem over to us.

The CSS Experts specialize in tough issues, focusing on cross-browser compatibility and coding that uses as few filters as possible. We can solve your layout problems quickly, affordably and with efficient code that allows for future modifications.

When you've got a tough problem, remember...
Don't worry. We can fix it.


  • Emergency problems solved lightning quick
  • Converting page mockups into working XHTML/CSS templates
  • Large-scale site layout projects with multiple delivery milestones
  • Anything involving CSS... just ask us

Expertise that's affordable

  • Our cost:
    $50/hour (standard)
    $75/hour (emergency rush fixes)
  • Minimum time charge:
    1 hour
Put us to work!

Frequently tackled tasks

  • Multi-column layouts that work in Internet Explorer 6 as well as the most recent browsers
  • Container elements that appearing too short, instead of surrounding the items intended
  • Inconsistent positioning of page elements in different browsers
  • Difficulties in implementing rounded corners or other graphical treatments
  • Turning a fixed-width layout into one that's liquid; turning a liquid layout into one with a fixed width
  • Complete reworking of a table-based pages into layouts based on standards-compliant CSS
  • Streamlining bloated and confusing CSS and XHTML code